Clean Agent (Halotron)

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Clean Agent (Halotron)

A small and contained fire can spread rapidly, and produce fumes and smoke that can kill within seconds. A fire extinguisher can help to put out the fire quickly when it is found early. FALCON has been in the fire protection industry for decades. As such you can rest assured our fire extinguishers are of the best quality, and you are protected.
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Falcon’s Halotron™ Fire Extinguishers are proven clean fire extinguishing agents applicable to a variety of fires. They are approved for commercial/industrial and military use as a substitute for Halon 1211 in streaming applications. 

Upon discharge, Halotron™ I fire extinguisher attacks the three corners of the fire triangle and breaks the fire chain chemically, making re-ignition impossible. Since they are clean agents, they do not leave residue after application. Therefore minimal or no collateral damage occurs to equipment. This is unlike traditional dry powder agents, which are messy and corrosive when employed.

Good Against: Class B & C Fires