Fire Blankets

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Fire Blankets

Protecting your loved ones and yourself has never been easier. Having a fire extinguisher when a fire occurs would help put out small fires, or a smoke/heat alarm/ detector to alert you when there is a fire, could mean the difference between getting out unscathed or not. At FALCON, we have what you need for all your home fire protection needs. Get yours today!

Fire Blankets are usually made up of a Fire retardant material and are usually folded and packaged in a quick-release contraption for easier storage.

The blanket is made with glass fiber preventing oxygen from seeping through the blanket. It can not only be used to put out a fire in the kitchen but it can also be used to douse flames on clothing and transport people out of a burning space!

There are many ways the Fire Blanket can be used, the 2 standard ways would be to:

1. Cover the flame with the blanket - The Fire Blanket can only be used to cover a small fire, cutting off the oxygen source from the surroundings and the Fire.

2. Cover yourself with the blanket - Protect yourself against the fire

How to Use:

  • Familiarise yourself with the blanket by holding it in a proper manner, it can be stored back in the box
  • The handles should be held upwards with the blanket covering the bottom of your hand nearest to the fire

Care Tips:

  • Do not store the blanket near the stove
  • Instead, store the blanket near the kitchen entrance to allow for easier escape

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