Class D Fire Extinguisher for Sale in Singapore Online

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A small and contained fire can spread rapidly, and produce fumes and smoke that can kill within seconds. To prevent the spread of such fires and mitigate any associated risks, having a fire extinguisher within the area can play a crucial role in any fire safety plan. A fire extinguisher can help to put out the fire quickly when it is found early or suppress it until the fire department arrives. FALCON has been in the fire protection industry for decades. As such, you can rest assured our fire extinguishers are of the best quality, and you are protected during a fire emergency.

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What are Class D Fire Extinguishers?

When it comes to portable fire extinguishers, there are several classifications established according to the fires they are designed to extinguish. One of these classifications is Class D. Class D fires are characterised by the presence of burning metal, usually ignited at high temperatures. Once ignited, Class D fires can spread rapidly and react violently with water, air, and other chemicals, making them extremely dangerous and destructive. 

Therefore, Class D fires caused by combustible metals, like magnesium, sodium, and titanium, amongst others, need to be extinguished with a fire extinguisher where its contents do not react with the burning metals. FALCON Class D Fire Extinguishers do exactly that. It works by discharging powder that does not react with the metals. It instead covers the metal, effectively cutting off the oxygen supply to the fire.

Good Against: Class D (Combustible Metals) 


Class D Fire Extinguishers for Sale at FALCON

Fire extinguishers are often the first line of defence against fires. A key fire protection solution that ensures safety during a fire emergency, these red cans have a significant impact on reducing the damages caused by a fire. When it comes to Class D fires that involve combustible metals, fire extinguishers with a D rating are required. Specifically designed with suitable extinguishing agents that effectively reduce the severity of metal fires, these Class D fire extinguishers are a must-have in environments such as laboratories, warehouses, and factories where metal dust or shavings are commonly found.  

Whether you require fire extinguishers or a home fire protection package, FALCON has you covered with the relevant services and equipment for sale. As one of the top fire protection specialists in the country, we leverage on our decades of experience to make an extensive range of fire protection equipment accessible to all in Singapore. If you store or work with combustible metals, get in touch with us for a consultation on the proper type of fire extinguisher and the amount of extinguishing agent you should have within your premise.