9L AAAF (Foam) Model Fire Extinguisher

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9L AAAF (Foam) Model Fire Extinguisher

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FALCON Foam Fire Extinguishers contain water-based foam which helps tackle both Class A and B fires. It forms a blanket on the fire with a thick layer of foam, keeping oxygen from the high-temperature spots that may re-ignite, thus completing the extinguishing process. Foam is highly effective against petrol and volatile liquids. They are not applicable for fires involving live electrical equipment.

- Suitable for Class A and B fires
- Available in 9kg
- Setsco Certified

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FALCON Foam Fire Extinguisher contains water-based foam.

Upon foam, it forms as a thick blanket, thereby preventing oxygen from reaching areas with a high temperature which could potentially cause a re-ignition. This foam-based fire extinguisher is highly effective against petrol or any volatile liquids. Do take note that they should NOT be used to fight fires involving any sort of electrical equipment.

Household Use
Commercial Use
Size181(Ø) x 616(H)mm
Total Weight14 KG
Extinguishing MediumAAAF 1% Foam
Operating Temperature5°C to 60°C
Working Pressure14 Bar
Test Pressure25 Bar
Fire Rating13A/183B
Min. Discharge Range4 Meters