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Fire Suppression Systems

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HFC-277ea is a chemical gas that comprises Hydrogen, Fluorine & Carbon. A commonly known brand is FM200.

The main idea is that it extinguishes a fire by bringing down the temperature so that the combustion reaction is unable to sustain itself.

Capable for total flooding applications where the protected area has the structural integrity to contain the chemical gas that has been discharged.

Has a zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), however, it has a Global Warming Potential of approximately 3800.

Upon discharge of HFC-277ea (FM200), a decrease in visibility in the protected room will occur as the chemical agent is stored in the form of liquid. The mist will therefore be generated when vaporization occurs, causing condensation in the air.


FM200 Fire Suppression System


The Novec 1230 contains FK-5-1-12, a chemical compound that is stored in its liquid state and released in a gaseous state once activated. It is effective against Class A, B, and C fires and one of the main perks of the Novec 1230 is that it is an environmentally friendly extinguishing agent. 

The Novec 1230 extinguishes fires by removing heat. The 3 ingredients that make fires are heat, oxygen, and a fuel source. By removing any one of these three ingredients, you will be able to effectively put out a fire. What the Novec 1230 does is remove heat from the fire, thereby extinguishing it. 

Compared to other fire extinguishing agents, such as carbon dioxide, where oxygen is removed, the NOVEC 1230 proves to be most suitable for situations within confined areas because of the simple fact that it does not pose a suffocation risk for people.


Novec 1230


Fire Suppression Systems are used to put out, control, or even completely prevent flames from spreading. When fire sprinkler systems aren’t suitable, fire suppression systems are required.

The Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System employs wet chemicals according to industry fire standards. By deploying comparatively fewer nozzles for the same area of coverage, the system is very efficient and cost-effective. Depending on the location of the hazard, nozzle location can be adjusted to be closer to the appliance surface. It can even be placed outside the appliance perimeter.


Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression System