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Sometimes you would need more than an extinguisher for your home or office. Our extensive suite of Fire Protection Solutions will have what you need to keep your home or commercial space fire protected. We at Falcon know that fire protection encompasses a wide range of services and products. Over the decades, we have consistently added more products and services to meet the growing demands for fire safety. Our products meet the highest international norms and standards and our team of experts is always eager to help with your every need or query. Browse our website for more information about all our services and solutions. 


Commercial and Domestic Smoke Detectors and Heat Detectors

Prevention is the best form of protection against fires. Fire detectors act as a warning to give you enough time to take precautionary measures and protect life and property. You can choose from two types of detectors:

Heat Detectors: When temperatures reach exceptionally high levels, these detectors sound off an alarm.

Smoke Detectors: As soon as there is the smallest sign of smoke, these detectors will warn you of a possible fire. 

We have an extensive range of best in class smoke alarms, heat alarms, and detectors that will cater to every need. Powered by smart technology, our fire alarm systems are designed to prevent fires originating from almost every possible source within a home or office. 

You can choose from smoke detectors like photoelectric smoke detectors, projected beam smoke detectors, and ionization smoke detectors, to heat detectors such as rate of rising and fixed temperature heat detectors. 

Ei Electronics Smoke Detector For Home Fire Protection

Made in Ireland, Ei Electronics is the renowned specialist for fire protection products in the UK since 1963.

The Ei650 is an optical smoke detector, and is fitted with a proprietary photoelectric sensor to quickly sense low energy smoke particles. This optical Alarm is sensitive to all domestic fire types but is especially sensitive to smoldering fires, thus protecting you and your family.

The Ei603TYC is a heat detector, and is fitted with a Class A1 sensor that will trigger an alarm when the temperature reaches 58°C ± 4°C.  To ensure better effectiveness at detecting fires, it is recommended to use the Heat Alarm with a Smoke Alarm to ensure early warning.

If you need help choosing a detector which best suits your needs, you can get in touch with our support team and we will be happy to help you.