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Falcon Fire offers consultancy and assistance services to help building owners in Singapore obtain Fire Safety Certificates. We provide recommendations and guidance to comply with the necessary fire safety requirements during the application process.


Section 20 of the Fire Safety Act mandates that the owner or occupier of any public building such as offices, hospitals, shopping complexes, industrial buildings and private residential buildings must apply for and obtain the “Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF)” Fire Safety Certificate. The certificate ensures that fire safety compliance measures are met at each of these buildings so that in the event of a fire, there is no loss of life. Property owners are required to obtain the certificate before the buildings are occupied by people. In addition, a Fire Safety Certificate must be renewed every year as safety standards are subject to change. Furthermore, inspections are carried out to ensure that the fire safety measures are still in check and up to date. The certificate is only issued when the building is deemed safe.

To obtain a Fire Safety Certificate in Singapore, building owners must ensure that the properties are complete with all the necessary fire installations and safety measures and that their Fire Safety and Shelter Department (FSSD) applications meet the Singapore Civil Defence Force’s (SCDF) highest standards. However, the SCDF only allows qualified professionals or licensed engineers to apply for a Fire Safety Certificate in Singapore. There is also an extensive list of mandatory requirements and regulations which need to be met for the certificate to be issued. At Falcon Fire, we understand very well that this process needs meticulous attention and careful execution to ensure safety and compliance of your building, and success in getting the certificate.



Our team at Falcon Fire has decades of experience in helping our customers with all their fire safety requirements. We possess a deep knowledge of all the whys and hows of the procedure to get your FSSD submission approved and acquire the SCDF Fire Safety Certificate . We assure you that we will help your building meet all the compliance requirements set out by the Fire Safety Act. We are committed to protecting lives and properties in case of any fire emergency. We pride ourselves in our years of experience in saving lives with our extensive range of fire safety products and services.

Explore our range of fire protection solutions including fire extinguishers for home, fire suppression systems, smoke and heat detectors, fire hose reels, fire blankets, and fire alarm systems. With our professional guidance and high-quality equipment, you can ensure that all occupants and your property are all well-protected from the risks of fire.

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The Fire Safety Act in Singapore requires all building owners to comply with fire safety regulations to ensure the safety of the occupants in the event of a fire. To adhere to the protocols, the building owner is required to submit specific documents to the SCDF when applying for a Fire Safety Certificate. The required documents include:

All documents must be submitted to the SCDF for approval before a Fire Safety Certificate can be issued. You will receive regular updates from us after submitting your application to keep you up to date, and ensure that everything is proceeding smoothly and any issues are addressed promptly. Generally, the SCDF takes about three working days to acknowledge the application. Make certain that all the documents are complete and accurate, as any inconsistencies found in the documents can result in the application being delayed or rejected. 

All matters regarding Fire Safety Certificate applications are processed online, including submission of applications, and notifications of approval or rejection. This streamlined approach helps to ensure a fast and efficient process to help our clients obtain their certification within the stipulated time frame. The FSC is valid for 12 months, after which the building owner must apply for a renewal.




Fire safety certificates in Singapore are issued to building owners by submitting specific documents required by the Fire Safety Act and undergoing RI inspections to ensure the building has sufficient fire safety measures. The certificate is valid for up to 12 months. For help with fire safety requirements and applications, you can contact companies like Falcon Fire to assist you with the process.
A Fire Safety Certificate in Singapore must be obtained before the commencement of any new construction work. For an FSC application, the entire processing time typically ranges from 4 to 6 weeks. If one intends to begin construction prior to obtaining the appropriate Fire Safety Certificate, a 7 Day Notice form is required. However, the building cannot be opened or occupied until a Fire Safety Certificate is obtained. During the application process, if the fire authority requires changes to the initial design or attaches conditions to the certificate that stipulates changes, any construction work that is not in compliance may need to be removed or modified.
A Fire Safety Certificate in Singapore can only be obtained after the applicant complies with all the necessary fire safety regulations. The applicant must submit a TFP/FSC and Certificate of Fire Safety Works application form along with relevant documents such as an RI inspection report and confirmation of the appointment to the Fire Safety and Shelter Department of the Singapore Civil Defence Force. Upon approval, a Fire Safety Certificate will be issued. If you would like to ensure a smooth application process, it is advisable to seek professional engineering consultancy services to assist you.