Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fire Extinguisher FAQ

For home use, dry powder extinguishers will be sufficient as it covers all 3 classes of fires, A, B, and C. 

Can the Fire Extinguisher be used for the kitchen?

The label is only meant for commercial use. It is not mandatory for residential use.

Does my Fire Extinguisher come with the SCDF Control Tag/TUV SUD label?

Yes, it is safe to do so. 

How do I know when to replace my Fire Extinguisher?

According to SCDF, Class C fires refer to fires involving flammable gases. To comply with the SCDF Fire Code 2020, Fire Extinguisher label printing has changed from “ABC” to “AB”. However, the content of the dry powder still remains the same.

Yes. Please ensure that all affected electrical appliances are de-energised or have its power supply isolated.

Residential FAQ

It would be ideal if you have 2 units of 3kg fire extinguisher at the ground level and 1 unit (3kg fire extinguisher) at every other level.

BlazeCut FAQ

It will trigger a false discharge without any fire. Warranty does not cover such incidents.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing FAQ

Servicing is to inspect the fire extinguishers to ensure that it is at the optimum working condition (includes checking the pressure gauge, weight, pin and cylinder). In the event that our Maintenance and Servicing Team has found that there is a need to refill the dry powder due to the insufficient amount in the fire extinguisher, it will need to be sent back to our office for refilling. 

inspecting the fire extinguishers to ensure that it is at the optimum working condition (includes checking the pressure gauge, weight, pin and cylinder)

Service is needed if purchase is more than a year ago. Purchases online will not provide SCDF Control Tag as it is meant for residential use. You may collect the label from our office or we can post it to you via mail.

We produce our Fire Extinguishers every quarterly. For example, if you bought your Fire Extinguisher in March 2021, the manufacturing date would be January 2021.

You can drop by our office. Please be informed that servicing will take at least 2 working days for completion.

It is mandatory under the Fire Safety Act for commercial use. However, it is not mandatory for residential use but it is recommended.

Yes, 1-year local warranty for manufacturing defects 

Smoke/Heat Alarm FAQ

Less than 30 minutes. 

Yes, we usually install it at the ceiling. 

Yes, up to 12 units (including remote controls, smoke & heat detectors)

 Smoke alarm is usually for living space and a heat alarm is usually for the kitchen.You may choose to install the smoke alarm in the kitchen if heavy cooking is not involved. Otherwise, it may trigger a false alarm. 

Yes, it comes with a 10 years battery life warranty and 5 years limited warranty for manufacturing defects. 

$25 (ceiling height must be less than 3 metres)

Screws and a manual are provided. You can choose to drill or use a 3M tape (not included) to install. 

In order to remove the detector head from the base, you will need to twist anti-clockwise and it will unlock. 

Fire Blanket FAQ

No, it is made from fiberglass fabric which is a fireproof material.

You may use it to cover yourself to escape from the fire or cover it over on the point of fire (e.g stove)

Any location that is easily accessible.