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It is a given that fire extinguishers are a necessity on the premises of businesses, factories, and residential areas to ensure optimal protection against hazardous fires. For all your fire extinguisher servicing and refilling needs, FALCON has you covered. Our skilled personnel will be on hand to assist with all your needs.


Importance of Fire Extinguisher Servicing in Singapore

Under the Singapore Standard, Code of Practice SS578, Use and Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers, the owner or occupant of a premise is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the fire extinguishers installed in the premises. According to this code of practice, maintenance of fire extinguishers involves four key activities - inspection, maintenance, recharging, and hydrostatic testing. 


Inspection requires a quick visual examination of the fire extinguishers to ensure that they are in good working order. This is usually performed by the owner, occupant of the building or designated authorised personnel. In general, the inspection procedure consists of checking that the fire extinguishers are installed in the correct location without any obstruction, tamper seal is still intact, ensure fullness, correct pressure gauge reading and more.

Maintenance and Recharging

Maintenance work is more thorough than the inspection process. Should the inspection reveal any deficiency, full maintenance procedures such as hydrostatic testing due to corrosion or physical damage will be required. This means that maintenance and recharging must be done by competent personnel of an approved organisation that has been authorised by the relevant authorities to conduct fire extinguisher servicing in Singapore. These competent persons must have the relevant qualifications, training and experience.

All of these servicing procedures are done to ensure that their fire extinguishers are in good working order.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing by FALCON

According to the Code of Practice SS578, inspection and maintenance should be done in a timely manner. 


According to the Code of Practice SS578. It is mandatory for all Fire Extinguishers in commercial buildings to be serviced on a yearly basis.


It is recommended to service your fire extinguisher(s) yearly to ensure it is in optimum working condition.

As mentioned, the maintenance and servicing of portable fire extinguishers can only be carried out by qualified and trained persons in the proper workshops of a company. This is where FALCON and our vast experience come in. For all your fire extinguisher servicing and refilling needs, our range of services has you covered.  


Getting your fire extinguishers serviced with FALCON is easy. Simply get in touch with us via our online contact form, or call us at (65) 6757 4350 and we will arrange to have your fire extinguisher serviced and maintained.