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Disposal / Dispose Service

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Disposal Of Fire Extinguishers

Need to throw away or dispose old portable fire extinguishers? We certainly can professionaly and responsibly dispose your fire extinguishers.

Why Disposal Service? Can't I throw them at Rubbish Chute?

Fire Extinguisher and it's content are usually not hazardous, it is the balance pressure and residues that is dangerous. You cannot trade/sell to scrap dealer or metal recycler as these are pressurized cylinders. When improperly disposed, a poor conditioned fire extinguisher is a dangerous hazard. It can be life-threatening to an untrained individual. 

When to dispose Fire Extinguishers?

In reference to Singapore Standards 578, below are the possible reasons for disposal of fire extinguishers (but not limited to) are:

– Corrosion (Rust)

– Mechanical damage from dents or abrasion

– Evidence of previous repairs (Welding, soldering, brazing, etc.)

– Damaged threads

– Damaged sealing surface

– Broken hanger attachment

– Others : Aging fire extinguisher.

An aging fire extinguisher may have internal components being worn off, especially the thread holding the valve. During discharge, the valve may break and fly off the pressurized cylinder. The flying object then turns into a deadly missile that could cause serious injuries. If your fire extinguishers are 5-years or older, we recommend replacing a new Fire Extinguisher.

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Disposing of Fire Extinguisher is only available with the purchase of at least 1 new Fire Extinguisher in the same order.

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