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FALCON System 21 Fire Alarm Panel - 8 Zones

  • $1,000.00

FALCON fire alarm control panel can function as main and/or sub panels in network system with a choice from 4 up to 80 zones panel available in a single unit and a maximum of 32 sub panels can be added on to the network. An alternative to the network system, FALCON System 21 series will work seamlessly in the conventional looping systems and are compatible with other manufacturer’s panel on the looping systems.

Extended Auxiliary Functions are also available upon request.

  • Individual Zone Isolation Facilities Easy Operation
  • Detailed and Clear Indicators on the Panel
  • Fully Compliant with European Standard & Singapore Standard
  • Minimum Wiring Works are required with the Network Facility
  • Dry Contact Output for Fire, Faults, Pumps Status & AVF

Please note that lead time for fire alarm panels is a minimum of 2 working weeks due to Setsco label issuance process.

Adhering to SCDF Clause quoted in 11.6.1(a) Management of serial labels and DoCs, customer are required to provide supporting documents.

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Common fires are often linked back to electrical systems and wiring. To better mitigate such risks, a fire control panel must be installed. An essential component of a fire alarm system, the fire control panel receives notification from sensors of potential operational issues and potential fires. 

FALCON fire alarm control panels were developed to efficiently alert any case of fire, faults and failure. It has a user-friendly interface to control the extensive range of functions and the panels can be used in various applications from small to large projects, such as commercial buildings, condominiums, industrial places, institutional buildings, and car park buildings.

  • Individual zone isolation facilitates for easy operation
  • Five alpha numeric 7 segment LED displays provide bright indication about the nature of faults and alarms [display Fire Zone ,Fault Zone, Isolate Zone, AVF & Network related faults]
  • Individual dip switches settings to enable/disable AVF, 3-min Alarm, Status o/p, Decam, Battery Fault, Buzzer Intermittent by-pass
  • Individual walk test mode facility
  • Each zone can be programmed for AVF
  • On AVF mode, the alarm zone number will be displayed until the system is reset
  • The scrolling display indicates zone faults/isolation/status fault/fuse faults and auxiliary faults
  • In the event of fire, the panel will indicate affected zones only
  • Relay dry contact outputs for Fire, Faults, Pumps Status and AVF are available for System Status Monitoring via Auto dialer, SMS System and Web Camera
  • Indicators test facility with battery voltage indication
  • Within a Network System and Looping System, the Sounder Silence can be controlled via Main Panel or affected Sub Panel. Within a Network System, indication on the affected Sub Panel can be viewed on the Main Panel
  • The system monitors the inside panel temperature, battery condition, charger voltage & total power failure

FALCON Fire Alarm System Services in Singapore

Driven by the mission to protect life, property and the environment through prevention, preparedness, and fire emergency response, FALCON provides fire alarm system solutions and services that suit your needs. With our expertise in the fire prevention industry, FALCON manufactures our own fire alarm control panels, and other related products such as fire extinguishers to ensure the completion of your fire protection system. 

Widely adopted in residential and commercial spaces, consult with us to get the right fire alarm system for your project. Our experienced team will ensure that industry standards are met while equipping your residential or commercial space with a fire alarm system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm system works by detecting the presence of smoke or heat in a building or structure. When the smoke or heat detectors sense a potential fire, they send a signal to the fire alarm panel. The panel then activates the alarm, which alerts building occupants to evacuate the building. The fire department is also notified, and they will arrive on the scene to put out the fire.
While a smoke detector may be considered a fire alarm, it is not a fire alarm system. A smoke detector is a single device that is designed to detect the presence of smoke in a room. A fire alarm system, on the other hand, is a network of interconnected devices that are designed to detect and alert individuals to the presence of a fire in a building or structure. A fire alarm system typically includes smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual pull stations, and a control panel.
The main reason that you should install a fire alarm system is to protect your business and employees from the devastating effects of a fire, especially when it's unattended. Installing a fire alarm system can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have taken the necessary precautions to protect your business from fire emergencies. Additionally, having a fire alarm system installed can also help you comply with local fire codes and regulations, which can help you avoid fines and legal penalties.
TypeWall Mounting Type
Max No. of Zones80 Detector Zones
Main Power Supply230VAC + 10%-15%, 50/60Hz
Auxiliary Power SupplySealed Lead Acid Battery, Capacity: Max 7AH, 12AH, 17AH, 24AH
Trickle Charging System, Charge Current: Max 2.5A
Battery Full Charge (Charging cut-off function)
Circuit Voltage24VDC (Constant Voltage Power Supply)
24VDC (Constant Voltage Power Supply)
5VDC (Constant Voltage Power Supply)
3.8VDC (Trickle Charging System)
Power Consumption8 Zone (170mA), 48 Zone (520mA), 80 Zone (800mA)
Nominal Alarm Verification Time140 Seconds (Alarm Retard State: 20 Seconds, Alarm Confirmation State: 20 Seconds)
Ambient Temperature-5°C to 45°C
End of Line Device6.8kΩ, 1/2W
Main Material (Enclosure)Steel Plate
FinishBaked Melamine (Munsell : 5R4/13) semi glare