BlazeCut T-Series (2m)

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BlazeCut T-Series (2m)

  • $590.00

The BlazeCut T-Series is an automatic fire suppression system that is designed for compact spaces such as vehicles or electrical compartments. It is activated when it detects high temperatures and once that happens, the tube will melt and release an extinguishing agent that will put out any remaining fire.

  • Suitable for Classes A, B, C and Electrical fires
  • Available in 1, 2, 3 and 4 metres
  • Zero maintenance needed
  • Harmless and effective extinguishing agent
  • Independent: Operational 24/7 and no power supply needed
  • Easy Installation
  • Long lifespan: 5 to 10 years

Whats in the box: 2m BlazeCut TV100FA, Cable ties


Installation Options : 

1) Install @ 14 Woodlands Walk, Singapore 738394 @ $70/per vehicle (Select Below)

2) Install @ 110 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208830 @ $70/per vehicle (Select Below)

3) We visit you to Install @ $100.00/per vehicle (Please call 65184101)

**For On-Site Installation request @ , please CALL 6518 4101 / 6757 4350**

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The BlazeCut T Series system uses HFC-227ea, an extinguishing agent that is people-safe, clean and very effective at putting out fires. The tube is heat sensitive and is made out of a special plastic which is closed by a stainless steel fitting at each end. This allows the BlazeCut T Series to be a stand-alone automatic system that does not need to depend on any power supply to function.

It is easy to install and comes in various sizes to suit your respective needs. We offer four different lengths of the BlazeCut T series; 1m, 2m, 3m and 4m. The product also comes with cable ties to help with the installation.

BlazeCut system operates automatically independent of any power supply by detecting higher temperatures. When the temperature in the protected enclosure rises to a critical threshold. the detection tube melts down at the point where the affecting temperature is the highest. Melting the tube creates a hole releasing the entire extinguishing agent stored in the tube onto the source of the fire.

The system consist of a heat sensitive tube made of special plastic which is closed by a stainless steel fitting on each end. The tube has both storage and detection function which means that the extinguishing agent is stored directly in the tube and no additional storage device like cylinder is needed.

These system are supplied with clean agents HFC-227EA.

Typical applications include electrical enclosures or engine compartments of Vehicles, Machines, Construction Equipment, Agricultural & Farming, Forklifts, Trucks, Generators, Pleasure boats, and many more

Model TV200FA
Length 212cm
Extiguishing Agent HFC-236fa
Amount of Extinguishing Agent 0.50kg
Outside diameter of the tube 18mm
Max. volume of the protected enclosure 0.43m³ - 0.70m³
Operational Temperature -40°C to 80°C