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Services & Submissions

For all your fire extinguisher servicing and refilling needs, we got you covered. Our skilled personnel will be on hand to assist with all your needs.


A Fire Safety Manager (FSM) is the person in a building or an organisation who is in charge of overseeing the maintenance of fire protection equipment, the practices in the workplace so that the risk of a fire occurring in the workplace is kept to a minimum, and that the building or organisation is well-equipped should a fire occur.

At FALCON, we have highly qualified staff to be your fire safety manager, to help your organisation or building be prepared for a fire. Contact us today!



Need help with your fire protection questions? Look no more! FALCON provides professional engineering consultants to help you address your fire protection needs. We help with anything from fire certificate application, to providing much needed servicing and maintenance of your fire protection equipment. 

Look no further. Contact us now!



At FALCON, we provide fire certificate application renewal services for business and retail stores. A Fire Safety Certificate (FSC) provides for the safety of the building's occupants. This is done so by having a qualified personnel from us visit the building or store, to assess the fire protection equipment there, and make any improvements if necessary. The FSC is only issued after full completion of all fire safety works in the project. 

Under Section 20 of the Fire Safety Act, the owner or occupier of any public building are to apply and obtain a Fire Certificate (FC). Failure to do so shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding $10,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to both.

FALCON helps to provide FSSD (Fire Safety and Shelter Department) Submission of Fire Safety Plan for commercial or anyone who has proposed fire safety works. The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) enforces a high standard of fire safety to ensure the protection of human lives and a safe haven workplace for everyone in Singapore.

Any organization that wishes to carry out any proposed fire safety works in any building shall put in an application according to the Fire Safety Act on FSSD  for approval of the design plans. Only certified individuals who are registered architects and professional engineers shall prepare your submission.

Under the Singapore Standard, Code of Practice SS 578, Use and Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers, the owner or occupant of a premise is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the fire extinguishers installed in the premises. This is to ensure that their fire extinguishers are in good working order.

According to the Code of Practice SS578. It is mandatory for all Fire Extinguishers in commercial buildings to be serviced on a yearly basis.

It is recommended to service your fire extinguisher(s) yearly to ensure it is in optimum working condition.

The maintenance and servicing of portable extinguishers can only be carried out by qualified and trained persons in the proper workshops of a company.

Holding a pop-up event soon and need some temporary fire safety equipment? We got you covered! 
Or have been wanting to get rid of your old fire extinguishers? We got you too! Contact us today!