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What are you paying for?

- Our specialist will inspect your Fire Extinguisher and once approved, it will be re-certified for 1-year. Servicing Label and SCDF control tag included. (Refilling to be quoted separately)

  • We service for All Brands
  • ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher (9KG and below ONLY)
  • CO2 Fire Extinguisher
  • All types of Fire extinguishers
  • All types of hose reels
  • Refilling & Recharging not included in listed price (Call us to learn more)

To quote for more than 10 units, please contact us at 6757 4350

Is it mandatory to service your fire extinguishers? 

As per the SCDF code of practise, it is an offence against the fire safety act not to maintain your fire safety/protection equipment.  This includes portable fire extinguishers, which must be serviced and re-certified by a TÜV SÜD PSB-approved workshop once a year.  All extinguishers that went in for servicing must come with a TÜV SÜD PSB control tag.

For Commercial: According to the Code of Practice SS578. It is mandatory for all Fire Extinguishers to be serviced on a yearly basis.

For Residential: Ensure that your fire extinguisher is in optimal working condition.

When to replace Fire Extinguishers?

In reference to Singapore Standards 578, below are the possible reasons for the disposal of fire extinguishers (but not limited to) are:

– Corrosion (Rust)

– Mechanical damage from dents or abrasion

– Evidence of previous repairs (Welding, soldering, brazing, etc.)

– Damaged threads

– Damaged sealing surface

– Broken hanger attachment

– Others : Ageing fire extinguisher.

An ageing fire extinguisher may have internal components that are worn off, especially the thread holding the valve. During discharge, the valve may break and fly off the pressurised cylinder. The flying object then turns into a deadly missile that could cause serious injuries.

Require Disposal of your Old Fire Extinguisher? Please click here!

If your fire extinguishers are 5-years or older, we recommend replacing a new Fire Extinguisher.

**Servicing is not eligible for Free Delivery for purchases above $70.**

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Under the Singapore Standard, Code of Practice SS 578, Use and Maintenance of Portable Fire Extinguishers, the owner or occupant of a premise is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the fire extinguishers installed in the premises. This is to ensure that their fire extinguishers are in good working order.

Classification of portable fire extinguishers provided shall be selected in accordance with criteria specified under SS 578 to ensure the processes and contents within the building concerned can be effectively protected. The size, quantity, and installation of these portable fire extinguishers shall comply with the requirements in SS 578 under the respective class of occupancy hazards.

Portable fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance can only be carried out by qualified and trained personnel in the proper workshops of a company.

FALCON offers comprehensive solutions for fire safety, providing one-stop services for fire extinguishers, fire blankets, and fire alarm systems. Whether you need to purchase, install, maintain, or repair these essential fire safety products, FALCON is your trusted partner.

Our services cover the following:

  • Replacing of Inner Control Pin
  • Pressurised with Nitrogen
  • Refilling Dry Powder/CO2
  • Halotron Servicing
  • Pressurise with Argon
  • Refilling Halotron Gas

*If refilling is required, it will be $5/kg for AB Dry Powder, $10/kg for CO2, and charging of Nitrogen Propellent at $5/cylinder. A transportation fee per trip at $25 will be applicable if you require delivery for the refilled fire extinguisher. Contact us at 6757 4350 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Fire extinguishers need regular servicing to ensure they are in good working condition during a fire emergency. In Singapore, the National Fire and Civil Emergency Preparedness Council recommends servicing fire extinguishers at least once a year by a licenced fire safety company approved by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).
Fire extinguishers for homes require regular servicing to ensure they work correctly during a fire emergency. Servicing includes a thorough inspection of the device, checking the pressure gauge, nozzle, and other components, cleaning the exterior, and performing a discharge test. Specific servicing requirements may vary depending on the type of device and its intended use.
Yes, fire extinguishers expire, and they need to be replaced every ten years in Singapore. The chemicals inside the extinguisher can degrade over time, making it less effective at extinguishing fires. Fire extinguishers should also be replaced if they have been used, damaged, or tampered with. Different types of fire extinguishers may have different expiration dates and servicing requirements, so it's essential to check with a fire safety company.