9kg Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket (204mm x 210mm x 500mm)

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9kg Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket (204mm x 210mm x 500mm)

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Having easy access to your fire extinguisher in the event of a vehicle fire is crucial. As such having a Fire Extinguisher Vehicle Bracket is recommended.

It holds your fire extinguisher on your vehicle, so that it can be easily accessed in the event of a fire. And you don't have to worry about your extinguisher falling. The vehicle bracket is sturdy and will hold onto your fire extinguisher.

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Storing a fire extinguisher on your vehicle might not be very safe. The fire extinguisher might topple due to the vehicles' movements, and as the fire extinguisher is heavy, it could damage objects in the vehicle, or seriously injure someone. As such, to prevent that from happening, a Vehicle Bracket for fire extinguishers is highly reccommended.

With a size of L: 204mm x D: 210mm x H: 500mm, it is designed to fit a 9kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher.